Continuous Insulation of Exterior Walls

January 2023

Continuous Insulation of exterior walls – it has actually been code for some time. Continuous insulation of exterior walls is also pretty much necessary if we are going to have comfortable interior environments that we can afford to heat or that we can heat with non-fossil fuel systems. Still, out here on the frontier (West of 495), it is not common practice. This NEXUS event is aimed at giving designers, developers and construction professionals the confidence to build modern and go continuous so we can be ready for the new codes, BERDO standards, and performance programs coming down the Pike.

Matt Capone and Mark Beroney of Facades X will review some of the many options to provide real and effective continuous insulation of exterior walls in both new build and retrofit situations. Their presentation will be supported by product samples and constructed mock-ups so participants can get their heads and hands around the constructability of details.

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