The BEC NEXUS is about supporting high performance building thinking and action in the greater Worcester community. The BEC NEXUS is an interdisciplinary group, welcoming designers, developers, building owners, policy makers, individuals concerned about sustainability, students, and more! Hosted by Building Evolution Corporation.


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Check out photos from some of our previous BEC NEXUS events and featured speakers

Embodied Carbon Reduction in Residential Structures
Presented by Siegal Structural Engineers

April 2024

Siegal Structural Engineers emphasized the importance of reducing embodied carbon in residential structures, highlighting its significance compared to operational carbon, offering insights into its sources, production processes, and strategies for reduction through material selection and early-stage project planning and collaboration.

The Future of Heating/Cooling Refrigerant Systems:  The Ever-Changing Phases of Refrigerants!

January 2024

Catie Ball, JS Rancourt, and Mike Ragan discussed refrigerant regulations and highlighted existing and upcoming heat pump technology for New England, offering a glimpse into future market offerings for electrification efforts.

Don’t Do Stupid Things

November 2023

Joe Lstiburek discussed various building failures caused by material, system, and assembly errors, covering topics from ventilation imbalances and improper water management to the placement of vapor barriers and the impact of green roofs and COVID-19 guidelines.

How NOT to do Electrification

September 2023

BEC’s Chris Kennedy, Wesley Stanhope, and Ken Neuhauser explore the complexities of electrification in both new construction and retrofit projects, highlighting potential pitfalls and sharing cautionary tales to guide practitioners in achieving successful decarbonization efforts.

High Performance Building in the Stretch Code, IRA, MassSave Age

May 2023

This month’s Building Performance NEXUS features presentations from Kimberly Cullinane of Eversource, who will discuss technical and financial support available from utilities, followed by Robert Durning and Chris Lewis of GreenerU showcasing project examples demonstrating how incentives and financing options aid in significant decarbonization efforts, promising an informative session with valuable insights.

Stretching the New Code Further

March 2023

Paul Ormond from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources will discuss the implications and compliance options of the newly adopted Stretch Energy Code, which mandates low-energy buildings and focuses on high-performance building enclosures, at a session inviting professionals to explore the impact on local construction practices.

Continuous Insulation of Exterior Walls

January 2023

Matt Capone and Mark Beroney of Facades X will discuss and demonstrate practical solutions for continuous insulation of exterior walls to prepare construction professionals for new codes and standards, enhancing comfort and enabling non-fossil fuel heating in buildings.

High Performance Heating, Cooling, and DHW

November 2022

Mike Ragan and Chris Ouellette from Mitsubishi Electric will host a discussion on utilizing VRF systems, heat pump applications with hydronic heat exchangers, and domestic hot water heating to achieve high performance and electrification in buildings, offering insights into innovative applications across diverse projects including net zero goals.

Ventilation for the 21st Century

October 2022

Barry Stephens and Aubrey Gewehr from Ventacity will discuss Very High Efficiency (VHE) ventilation systems, focusing on design strategies that optimize comfort and efficiency through various conditioning and control options, and will share a VHE HVAC model proven to reduce energy usage by 70% in retrofitted commercial buildings.

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