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Our Philosophy

Building Evolution Corporation’s fundamental philosophy is to be a market leader for high performance built environment, construction, and building science, while being a responsible for-profit business enterprise, promoting education, and having fun along the journey.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients the knowledge to make informed decisions on the implementation of high performance buildings through advanced and holistic enclosure and HVAC ideology while instilling our passion for a sustainable environment in our clients. Provide “cradle to cradle” energy and durability consulting from conceptual design, through construction and commissioning services, and throughout building lifespan operations.

At BEC, our responsibility to our clients is to provide quality and comprehensive service. This requires collaboration from a diverse team with unique backgrounds and perspectives. The team perspective evolves and grows with continuous education and through exposure to new ideas.  To continue to grow, BEC actively seeks employees with diverse backgrounds, lived experiences, and ideas.

Education is the kindling of flame, not the filling of a vessel.

Team Members

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