Amethyst Brook Apartments, 22 Amherst Road


The Amethyst Brook Apartments project is a 34-unit affordable housing development in Pelham, MA. The project consists of a 6-unit building and a 28-unit building, which will include 24 one-bedroom units, 7 two-bedroom units, and 3 three-bedroom units. The 6-unit building will have two stories and consist of 8,544 gross square feet, while the 28-unit building will have four stories including a basement and consist of 31,326 gross square feet. It is the first rental housing development in Pelham, and represents a significant percentage of the town’s affordable housing portfolio.
The 6-unit building will be ENERGY STAR certified, while the 28-unit building will be certified under the Passive House Institute United States (Phius) CORE 2021 standard. Both buildings will feature robust, high-performance enclosures. The buildings will also feature high-efficiency electric heat pump heating, cooling, and domestic water heating systems, as well as promoting healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) systems.