Billings Forge is a complex of former mill buildings that have been converted into residential
units. There have been renovations and modifications over the years, some that have made
improvements to the operations. Problems with heating adequacy and distribution had been
persistent despite multiple assessments, installation of new boilers and pumps, and attempts to correct central boiler plant issues. BEC performed Retro-Commissioning (RCx) of the central
boiler plant, data logged the operation, and assessed the distribution and specific enclosure
components. BEC found that the piping configuration had considerable flow restrictions and
pumping issues which caused one building to receive most of the heat while the other buildings were lacking. Also, one of the two boilers provided nearly all of the heating capacity while the other boiler short cycled every few minutes for the entire heating season. BEC developed a plan for modest modifications to the pumping, pipe configuration and controls that allow the boilers to function in coordination and provide effective delivery of heating to all buildings within the complex. BEC is currently overseeing the design-build implementation of this plan on behalf of the owner.