Fifth City Commons / Garfield Green, Chicago


Fifth City Commons / Garfield Green is a 43-unit affordable housing building, developed by Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) located on a long-vacant lot in Chicago’s West Side. The project achieved Phius CORE 2021 Design Certification in May 2023, and is currently under construction. This 3-story building will offer one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments along with multiple tenant amenity spaces and a ground floor commercial space. A central LG VRF system provides heating and cooling, while a high-efficiency Swegon Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) provides direct ventilation to individual spaces. Heat pump water heaters located in closets off corridors provide efficient water heating for tenants. A rooftop PV system is anticipated to produce ~235,000 kWh annually significantly offsetting the expected building energy usage. R-21 Armorwall insulation panels provide continuous insulation as well as the primary air and water barrier for the building, with Alpen triple-pane windows used for glazing. In 2019 the project was a winning entry in the global C40 “Reinventing Cities” competition due to its sustainable design and repurposing of a long-vacant lot.