BEC performed Retro-Commissioning of the boiler plant within Franklin Square Apartments, a 193-unit senior housing facility. The boiler monitoring system had alerted the facility to issues with the operations including short-cycling of two of the four boilers. BEC performed functional tests for each boiler and deployed multiple data loggers to monitor the system operation. BEC’s investigation revealed three critical performance issues: 1) the two boilers that were short-cycling had under-sized pumps that could not provide adequate flow. Inadequate flow through the boilers caused the boilers to shut down on high temperature alarm, 2) the controls were not cable of operating the four-stage modulating boilers as modulating boilers, and 3) one boiler had a fault in the control wiring. These issues were compounded by the fact that the building loop pumps did not incorporate warm weather shutdown (WWSD) or variable speed (VFD) control. BEC developed a corrective plan for the boiler plant and is guiding the owner through implementation of the project.