Salem Heights


Building Evolution Corporation (BEC) performed a time-critical assessment and directed the upgrade for the heating and hot water plant for a large-scale residential project. The project consists of two connected high-rise apartment buildings built in the early 1970s and including approximately 150,000 square feet. Boilers, which provided both heating and hot water, were failing during the heating season. The owner was concerned about the performance of the combined boiler plant and cogeneration (Cogen) equipment which was used to supplement/back-up the boilers. BEC visually assessed the operation of heating and hot water systems and installed data loggers to further diagnose performance of heating boilers, Cogen unit, pumping, distribution and controls. BEC developed a Basis of Design for boiler replacement, DHW storage, and optimization of the DHW and heating plant. BEC contracted an engineering design firm to provide Construction Documents (CDs). BEC engaged representatives of electric and gas utilities as well as Action Inc. to secure financial assistance to the upgrade. As a result, the entire project cost (nearly $1 million) was paid through incentives. BEC continued to represent the client as Commissioning Agent (CxA) for the upgrade project.