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Worcester Passive House and High Performance Interest Group is about supporting high performance building and passive house thinking and action in the greater Worcester building design and development community. The group meets (remotely for the time being) at 4pm on the third Thursday of every month for about 1-1/2 hours. Each meeting takes on a particular high(er) performance building topic. Most topic discussions are led by group members and some feature guest speakers. Hosted by Building Evolution Corporation.

Previous Meetings

January 2021: Electrification - All Electric Technologies to Support a Low Carbon Future

Once fossil fuels are burned in building operations they cannot be offset; therefore, to hit the drastic carbon reduction goals set by the State of NY, transforming the technologies in buildings to become electrically based will be paramount. Come for a discussion of common building system components and the available all-electric replacement options. A summary of air source and ground source heat pumps, energy recovery ventilation, solar PV systems, and the all-important domestic hot water systems will be covered in the framework of three real-world exemplary high performance projects. Hear how projects throughout New York are being designed for low carbon using electric based systems.

Isaiah is an experienced energy auditor and has completed detailed assessments of residential and commercial properties including low, mid and high-rise buildings, medical facilities and schools. He has BS in Ocean Engineering and has earned his Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC), Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) and Certified Energy Manager certifications.

December 2020: Ventilation and Air Purification.

Kevin Seaman President of Seaman Engineering Corporation (SEC), discussed ventilation and air purification strategies for buildings, including options available to promote IAQ, such as ionizing air purification, UV light treatment, and filtration. SEC continue to assess and plan for improved ventilation filtration in existing municipal buildings across the state.

November 2020: Cost Estimating for Passive House

Ken Neuhauser and Wesley Stanhope of Building Evolution Corporation (BEC) discussed the cost impacts of higher performance buildings and passive house improvements. What are the impacts of Passive House and should the sub-contractors worry (worry = money).

September 2020: Electrification

Mike Ragan from Mitsubishi Electric discussed unique applications of refrigerant-to-water heat exchangers in VRF heat pump systems, reducing the amount of refrigerant in the system or outright eliminates refrigerant from occupied spaces. And advancements in VRF product development in Hybrid VRF and Domestic Hot Water heat pump systems, systems available beginning in 2021.

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